Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More summer projects 2007 re-cap

Two more bigger projects that I've done for the summer. One is the front T-shirt logo design for WCCCLC (Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp), the back is done by Susanna Leung who did a very good job. They match very nicely. Theme is Journey of Happiness. The front idea represents someone holding a tour flag like a tour guide, the design is a modification of the existing camp logo. The back represents different happy expressions captured on films by tourists.

A Journey to the Everlasting Light Part II, I have another opportunity to do a poster for them, by the gift from God and with the help of a friend Mr. Brown in art direction, I translated the idea from director's rough sketch left to the final product on the right. I wish them all the best in their musical performance and fundraise effort. Last time was a blast!